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1. If only three rooms are left at a beach resort, I'll choose the room that offers
a) An ocean view but lots of noise
b) Sounds of the ocean but no view
c) Comfort but lots of noise and no view

2. When I have a problem,
a) I look for alternatives
b) I talk about the problem
c) I rearrange the details

3. When riding in a car, I want the inside to
a) look good
b) Sound quiet or powerful
c) Feel comfortable or secure

4. When I explain a concert or event I've just attended, I first
a) Describe how it looked
b) Tell people how it sounded
c) Convey the feeling

5. In my spare time, I most enjoy
a) Watching TV or going to the movies
b) Reading or listening to music
c) Doing something physical (crafts/gardening) or playing a sport

6. The one thing I personally believe everyone should experience in his or her lifetime is
a) Sight
b) Sound
c) Feeling

7. Of the following activities, I spend the most time indulging in
a) Daydreaming
b) Listening to my thoughts
c) Picking up on my feelings

8. When someone is trying to convince me of something,
a) I want to see evidence or proof
b) I talk myself through it
c) I trust my intuition

9. I usually think and speak
a) Quickly
b) Moderately
c) Slowly

10. I normally breathe from
a) High in my chest
b) Low in my chest
c) My belly

11. When finding my way around an unfamiliar city,
a) I use a map
b) I ask for directions
c) I trust my intuition

12. When I choose clothing, it is most important to me that
a) I look immaculate
b) I make a personal statement about my personality
c) I feel comfortable

13. When I choose a restaurant, my main concern is that
a) It looks impressive
b) I can hear myself talk
c) I will be comfortable

14. I make decisions
a) Quickly
b) Moderately
c) Slowly

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