Colour idioms

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Colour idioms

  1. to be the black sheep (of the family) - a person who is a disgrace or embarrassment to a family (černá ovce rodiny)

  2. to be in the black- successful or profitable (být v plusu)

  3. to be in (someone's) black books - to be in disgrace or in disfavor with someone (být u někoho v nemilosti)

  4. be black and blue - be b ruised (být samá modřina)

  5. to feel blue - to feel bad, depressed (mít deprese)

  6. once in a blue moon - extremely rarely or only once in a life-time (jednou za uherský rok)

  7. till to be blue in the face - to make a huge but vain effort to win a person's agreement. (až do zblbnutí)

  8. to talk a blue streak - to talk very much and very rapidly (mlít pantem)

  9. out of the blue - without any warning, by surprise (zčistajasna)

  10. to be in the pink - to be very healthy (kypět zdravým)

  11. to see pink elephants - to see things which are not really there because they are only in your imagination (mít vidiny)

  12. look at the world through rose-colored glasses - to see only the good things about something, to be too optimistic (dívat se na svět růžovými brýlemi)

  13. to be tickled pink - to be very pleased or delighted by someone or something (být radostí bez sebe)

  14. go through a purple patch - experience a period of outstanding achievement (zářit)

  15. to be in the red- to be in debt, to be unprofitable (být v mínusu)

  16. to see red- to get angry (rozzuřit)

  17. to paint the town red- to go out and party and have a good time (jít to roztočit, jít na tah, jít flámovat)

  18. catch (someone) red-handed - to catch someone in the middle of doing something wrong (chytit při činu)

  19. to be a red-letter day - to be a day that is memorable because of some important event

  20. red tape - excessive formalities in official business (papírování)

  21. to be yellow - to be afraid (bát se)

  22. to have a yellow streak - to be cowardly (být zbabělec)

  23. to be yellow-bellied - extremely timid, cowardly (poseroutka)

  24. to be a white elephant - a useless possession that often costs money to maintain (zbytečný luxus)

  25. white lie - a harmless or small lie told to be polite or to avoid hurting someone's feelings (milosrdná lež)

  26. to be green with envy - to be very jealous (být zelený závistí)

  27. get the green light - to receive a signal to start or continue something (dostat zelenou/svolení)

  28. give (someone) the green light - to give someone permission to proceed with a project (dát zelenou)

  29. have green fingers (BrE) / a green thumb (AmE) - to be a talent for gardening (být rozený zahradník)

  30. to feel/be off colour - to be not quite at one's best, to feel queasy or slightly ill. (nebýt ve své kůži, žádná sláva)

  31. to see someone in his true colours - to understand someone's true character, often for the first time. (vidět v pravém světle)

  32. show his true colours - to show or express one's real character, opinion (vyarvit se)

  33. use his gray matter - to think hard (lámat si hlavu)

  34. see the color of (someone's) money - to prove that someone has enough money for something (přesvedčit se, že někdo má dost peněz)

  35. with flying colors - with great or total success (úspěšně)

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