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  1. to be the top banana - to be the most important person in a group (boss)

  2. to be a tough/smart cookie - to be someone who has a strong character or is intelligent (tvrďák, chytrák)

  3. to be a lemon - to be bad, defective (šunka, krám)

  4. to be a piece of cake - to be very easy (hracka)

  5. to bring home the bacon - to earn money to support your family (živit rodinu)

  6. to walk on eggshells - to be extremely careful on what we do or say; (chodit kolem po špickách)

  7. a storm in a teacup (BrE) - a lot of trouble about something that is not important (bouře ve sklenici vody)

  8. That's not my cup of tea - I don't like it or see it interesing (nebýt podle mého gusta)

  9. You can't have your cake and eat it. - having one thing means that you cannot have the other (nemůžeš mít všechno)

  10. to sell like hot cakes - to sell quickly and in large numbers (jít na dračku)

  11. That's a different kettle of fish. - a situation that is not related to the one you are talking about (to je něco jiného)

  12. Not for all the tea in China. - nothing could persuade you to do something (ani za nic)

  13. to have a finger in every pie - to be involved in a lot of different things (dělat kde co, vědět o všem)

  14. Keep your fingers crossed - wish for good luck (držet palce)

  15. To find your feet - to start to feel confident and able to deal with sth. (zorientovat se, rozkoukat se)

  16. to have/get cold feet - to suddenly feel nervous about doing something (dostat strach)

  17. to bite your tongue - to keep yourself quiet and not say what you want to say. (držet jazyk za zuby)

  18. to keep an eye on - to watch carefully (dávat pozor, dohlédnout)

  19. to be all ears - to be very eager to hear what someone is going to say. (být jedno ucho)

  20. to let the cat out of the bag – to share a secret (vykecat)

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